December 11, 2016

It’s coming on two years since I wrote anything on this blog. Shame on me!

Life’s been busy, and in my mind I don’t believe anyone would find it exciting, so I just haven’t blogged about anything.

I’m vowing to get back into it, even as a journal for daily life.

My first grandchild is due on December 27th!!! After watching my daughter be so sad for two years of trying to conceive ( not preventing it), I will never EVER forget the day she called me at work sobbing. She never calls me, she texts me as she knows I’m at work. So I answer “Hellooooooo?” And all I hear is her crying so hard she can’t speak. My first thought was that one of my beloved grand-dogs (yes I’m THAT person) got loose and hit by a car or something.

I told her she needed to calm down and tell what was wrong RIGHT NOW! She took a deep breath and said I’M FUCKING PREGNANT!!”, laughing and crying at the same time! Time stood still, I don’t think I breathed……I just sat that with a stupefied look on my face. After the reality hit me, I started crying right along with her. I have a wonderful job and an amazing supervisor who I consider a friend as well, so she knows all that Booger has been through. I walked to her office with tears rolling down my face and told her I needed to leave. She was automatically concerned of course. I told her what had happened and she jumped up and threw her arms around me and told me to get the hell out of there lol

I sobbed happy tears all the way to South Omaha and my daughter met me at my van, stating that her hubby was still asleep and we needed to go to Walmart QUICK! Uh……okayyyyyyy? She ran around and bought two baby bibs and children’s book called DADA and a gift bag. I got to be there, while she woke up her hubby and made him open it. He pulled out the bibs and was like WTF? lol. Then she handed him the two pregnancy tests……oh wow. That moment right there. His jaw dropped and he looked at her saying, ” no way, no fucking way!” 🙂

We have it on video, I wish I knew how to share it from my phone but I’m still electronically dense about some things. It was one of the best days of my life, I can tell you that!

Daddy is a songwriter. Baby’s name will be Lyric. Perfect.

Here’s a song he wrote about a week later.

Now it’s a few months later and here we are….


A few weeks from meeting our little Sunshine. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!


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