Christmas 2014, Part One…..

I say part one as our big extended family Christmas is this Sunday. I was so excited to have the kids over on Christmas day that I didn’t even think of snapping any photos. I will make up for that Sunday though.

Here are a few I snapped today as a small afterthought….


So small and simple, but the start of my snowman ornament collection. Yep he’s the only one so far.

fuzzy slippers

We shared small gifts between all of us and these are my favorite. New fuzzy slippers from my daughter. I’m easy to please and have worn them ever since. We haven’t left the house since Wednesday night and it’s been fabulous!

Jager and redbull

These were placed in the bottom of my husband’s gift bag. They will probably be in our fridge for months, but it will be worth it when he breaks them open 🙂 Usually his clothes fall off, so we have to limit the Jagerbombs if we ever go to a bar with friends LOL

I’ve spent the day today going through email alerts for free Kindle books. I’ve been reading a lot of what I call fluff lately. Murder mysteries, romance between couples that fight it til the end of the book, Paranormal/supernatural stuff. You know, witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies and whatnot.

alan alda

Today I uploaded Alan Alda’s book ” Never Have Your Dog Stuffed And Other Things I’ve Learned”. I will start it tonight as I snuggle in bed with my tablet. I can never lay down and fall right to sleep, so usually spend an hour or so channeling my mind into one location so the hundreds of pinging thoughts don’t keep me awake. I’m not sure if it’s anxiety or ADHD, but my mind goes in 10 different directions at all times and it’s hard to quiet the chaos at bedtime. It helps to get into a book, so that is the only thing I get engrossed in and the rest shuts down.

Ok, weird fact about me………


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