Clean Slate

It’s Christmas Eve, 2014. The gift bags ( in place of stockings) are all loaded up and under the tree. I went crazy with stuffers so had to use the bags rather than the stockings. We need new ones anyway and my holders are broken/missing, so……The kids and a few significant others are coming to unwrap gifts and eat bunches of yummy Christmas foods tomorrow. Then Sunday, the whole Damn Family will be here to exchange gifts and eat chili and cheesy potato soup.

I’m thinking back on this year and am thankful it is coming to an end. We’ve sure had our challenges, as all people do, but I’m ready for that invisible clean slate that let’s you start over with everything in life come January 1st of every year.

I would reflect on all that has happened but I will save that for a New Years blog. I have found I will write at least once a week *fingers crossed behind my back*. I used to find writing therapeutic, not sure what took me away from that.

My only excuse? Facebook games. *hangs head*

Yes, that Candy Crush and Pet Rescue Saga and Candy Crush Soda and Papa Pear Saga……. they have my full attention when I want to escape the anxiety ridden thoughts that cloud my brain at times. I started a new med for a boost but I don’t always remember to take it, so it hasn’t been working like it should. I know, as a medical professional, you’d think I would know better. Pffffffffft.

My idea was to come here, wipe my blog clean and start all over, so here I am. Starting over. Even though it’s not January yet. Screw it. I can do what I want, when I want, so there.

For someone who talks a lot, I don’t seem to have much to say lately. It’s all in my head. Maybe that’s good that those thoughts don’t come flying out of my mouth. That also means I haven’t been sharing my brilliance with you all. cough. But I vow to you now that I will make more of an effort to try and entertain you with ramblings from a short, chubby, redhaired lady from Iowa. No I don’t have cows. I’m city-fied. Well as much as you can be in Iowa. I DO have to drive a few miles to see corn if that means anything.

I’ve also been addicted to my Kindle app lately. I think I’m reading about 20 books a month on it. Addicted I tell you! Curse free Kindle books on Amazon.

See, ramblin’…….and I’m sleepy so I will wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I hope Santa is good to you and that you feel very blessed by the true meaning of the season. Mwah!


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